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Mandarin Pages
Auckland Wide

Say 'Ni Hao' to Chinese customers with Mandarin Pages in print and on-line! 


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  • We are happy to meet your team to talk about the fast growing and changing Chinese market, the trending WeChat, AliPay, Chinese media and Chinese community.
  • We offer translation service and are keen to help market your ideas by advertising in print and online for more promising opportunities among Chinese customers.

Brief information about Mandarin Pages >>

  1. NZ Chinese-owned Chinese media since 1991, in print and on-line,
    we engage readers through Mobile App, Wechat, Weibo, Facebook,
    Youtube & website
  2. Distributed for free to all major Chinese supermarkets, some Countdown, Pak' n ' Save, New World supermarkets.
  3. Published 3 days a week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with daily circulation being 10,000.
  4. Very strong in classified and grocery advertising.
  5. Translation services available.

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NZ Korean Sunday Times
Auckland Wide

Advertise your business and products on No.1 Korean Weekly newspaper!



Brief information about NZ Korean Sunday Times >>

  1. New Zealand Korean Sunday Times is the No.1 Korean weekly newspaper in New Zealand.
  2. Most of all Korean aged 15+ have made a purchasing decision based on an advertisement they have seen in the New Zealand Sunday Times.
  3. Effective adverts and accurate local News in New Zealand.
  4. Free distribution nationwide.
  5. On-line Issue available.

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Indianz X-press

Advertise on the No.1 and the only one Indian, S Asian newspaper nationwide!



Brief information about Indianz X-press >>

  1. Indianz X-press  is a free English Language Monthly Newspaper.
  2. The 1st and the only Indian, S Asian newspaper published from Wellington.
  3. Widely distributed in Greater Wellington region and in all major cities of New Zealand through select outlets.
  4. On-line issue available.

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Kuk Punjabi Samachar

Advertise on the 1st Punjabi Communty Newspaper!



Brief information about Kuk Punjabi Samachar >>

  1. Kuk Punjabi Samachar is the 1st Punjabi Community Newspaper established in New Zealand.
  2. Served the community by raising key issues and bringing the news that matters most to the rapidly expanding and vibrant community since 2003.
  3. On-line issue available.

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New Zealand Tasveer

Advertise on the influential Punjabi Newspaper!



Brief information about New Zealand Tasveer >>

  1. NZ Tasveer  is your local Newspaper, a punjabi Newspaper in New Zealand.
  2. Published from Auckland and distributed all over New Zealand with a circulation of big amount of 5500 copies fortnightly.
  3. Advertise with Tasveer for publish on newspaper and website.

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Go Media

Advertise on billboard and bus!



Brief information about Go Media >>

  1. Go Media  is the largest independent outdoor media provider in New Zealand. 
  2. Progressive media supplier for agencies and direct clients seeking outdoor media solutions within New Zealand.
  3. Nationwide Billboard and Bus Advertising.
  4. Deliver exceptional, highly personalized media solutions with premium brand exposure. 
  5. Coverage: Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Blenheim, Christchurch, Dannevirke, Dunedin, Hamilton, Hawke’s Bay, Invercargill, Masterton, New Plymouth, Otaki, Palmerston North, Picton, Rotorua, Ruapehu, Taupo, Wairarapa, Wanganui, Wellington, West Coast, Whangarei

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